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181923 / OL8 - 18 year old female in OL8. Can get frustrated and distressed at times, can struggle emotionally. Can make own decisions and choices of activities she wants to participate in. Physical difficulties and developmental delay, Cerebral Palsy and all four limbs are affected. Mild asthma. Likes to be independent,

12 hours term time, 20 hours non term time. 1:1


157309/OL4 - 15 year old male with diagnosis of Autism, ADHD and Associated learning disabilities. Can present challenging behaviours, verbally and physically.

Very vulnerable in social situations. Support required to ensure act's in a socially acceptable manner and not placing himself at risk of harm from others when in the wider community. PA would support the client to access activities and integrate into social groups. Can become frustrated / lash out, very little awareness of stranger danger.

4 Hours per week, 1:1


107270 / OL8 - 18 year old female in OL8, diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy which significantly impacts on her physical abilities. She is wheelchair dependent and needs 1:1 support at all times. Requires support and supervision in all aspects of her care i.e. personal care and recreational activities.

4 hours per week, 1:1


140881 / M35 - 20 year old male in M35 with very complex needs in a multitude of areas. Epilepsy, Spina Bifida, Sleep Apnoea, Hypertension, Renal problems and a learning disability. All these conditions have different effects upon the client's daily life. Wheelchair dependant.  Moving and Handling desirable.  Requires support which could include, assistance to eat and drink, personal care, support to access the community and gain social skills as well as independence away from the home.

Mondays and Tuesdays 5pm - 8pm, 1:1


149035 / OL3 - 12 year old male in OL3 diagnosed with a genetic condition and learning disability. The condition means that he find's speech and communication difficult and can sometimes find it difficult to express himself, people then can find me difficult to understand. Can get frustrated and struggle with social communication. Can struggle to listen, maintain attention and understanding is below age related expectations, this can mean misinterpretation of situations or need information repeating.

Can be clumsy in new environments.

3 hours per week, 1:1.


313103 / OL1 - 28 year old female in OL1 with a diagnosis of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and hypermobility. Requires support with weekly food shop and maintaining her home. Day's and times to be agreed with the client, flexibility is essential and a car driver preferred.

4 Hours per week, 1:1


156155 / Chadderton, Oldham - 28 year old male in Chadderton, Oldham.  With Autism, history of mental health and ADHD.  Requires support to access the community and engage in new social activities, support to build confidence and motivation.

6-8 hours per week, 1:1


303798 / OL1 - 15 year old male with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Non verbal, very active and likes to go outside.  May need prompting to sit down, can be aggressive / irritable.  Can display inappropriate behaviours, requires support to ensure appropriate at all times.  Support to access community and social activities safely.

4 Hours per week term time, 6 hours per week non term time. 1:1.


223666 / OL4 - 14 year old male in OL4 with a diagnosis of Global Development Delay. Can affect ability to manage emotions in challenging situations. Can get frustrated, no danger awareness, no stranger danger. Requires support to access the community and build on gaining independence.

6 hours per week non term time only, 1:1.


90985 / OL1 - 19 year old female in OL1 with developmental delay, learning disability, speech difficulties, Epilepsy, personal cares and a wheelchair user.  Enjoys music, shows, bowling, cinema, train / tram and shopping. Requires social support to access the local community and gain independence, as well as support each morning 6.30am - 7.45am, Monday to Friday to assist with personal care routine.  Moving and Handling desirable.

12 hours per week -  Personal care support and social support on a Saturday.


165260 / OL4 - 13 year old male in OL4, support with communication, managing behaviour and accessing age appropriate activities in the community. Possibility of personal cares,  can be unsteady on his feet. 

2 hours per week, 1:1.


161721/OL2 - 15 year old female in OL2 with Autism and Global Developmental Delay, diagnosis of Social Language Disorder. Does not like crowded areas or loud noises, struggles to understand social cues, or maintain friendships, help to build on current life skills and encourage her to apply these in the local community, e.g. stranger danger, road safety. All interactions and activities would be gradual and tailored to the client.

3 hours per week term time, 6 hours per week non term time. 1:1


54765 / OL4 - 23 year old female in OL4, with a learning disability. May need things explaining even if seems to understand and repeating important information can assist with remembering things. Patience is key when supporting this client.

Support required to access housing and prepare for the client to move to their own home.

7 Hours per week, 1:1.


262038/OL1 - 9 year old male in OL1 with autism, communication limited and delayed. Almost non verbal, can be challenging, can be aggressive, needs close supervision. Support required to access various activities in the community like swimming, walks in the park, MADHLO and trampolining.

3 hours term time, 6 hours non term time. 2:1


297363 / OL4 - 10 year old male in OL4 with Autism and limited communication skills. Can understand basic instructions and requires someone with patience. Can display challenging behaviour on occasion, for example - shout, cry and lash out. Asthma - has an inhaler. Requires support to gain independence, build confidence and form relationships.

2 hours per week term time, 4 hours per week non term time. 1:1


191256 / OL3 - 9 year old male in OL3 diagnosed with a genetic condition that has associated medical concerns which are elevated chances of seizures, learning disabilities and neuropsychiatric disorders. He has bilateral dislocated hips in which he uses a wheelchair and requires hoisting. Learning disabilities, personal cares and has no verbal communication, however will demonstrate discontent through vocalisations, crying and body language. Minimal support required when eating. Requires support to access the community to develop on social skills.

Moving and handling desirable.

3 hours per week, 1:1


153862 / OL8 - 16 year old female in OL8 diagnosed with Brown Vialetto-Van-Laere which causes facial and neck paralysis.  This has an impact on breathing, and communication.  Client has a gastronomy tube, however this is managed by the client and family. On occasion the PA maybe required to support the client with there suction machine. - Suction training will be given.

Requires support access activities independently,  build confidence when accessing community based activities such as a group that involves baking.

2 hours per week, 1:1


183039 / OL9 - 11 year old female in OL9 with Cerebal Palsy effecting all four limbs.  Wheelchair user, requires hoisting for tasks like getting in to bed and the bath.  PA to help keep the client seated safely and comfortably. Support required to assist with morning and bedtime routine ( Domiciliary care) and social activity support in non term time.  Moving and Handling desirable.

12.5 hours total per week,  Monday - Friday (1 hour AM and 1.5 hours PM).  Plus 6 Hours per week social activity support in non term time. 1:1


248416 / OL4 - 15 year old male in OL4 with a diagnosis of ADHD and Foetal Alcohol Syndrome. Can experience extreme levels of anger. Can very easily misunderstand and misinterpret situations. Can become volatile, resulting in wanting to harm them self. Can scream and shout, on occasion lash out or damage my belongings when angry.  Must be supervised at all times, no danger awareness.  Requires someone with patience and understanding, to support with independence and accessing activities.

9 Hours per week, 1:1


192265 / BL9 - 11 year old female in BL9. Requires support for social opportunity, activities may include but not restricted to Horse riding, swimming and going to the cinema. Needs Clear instructions and guidance to gain independence and confidence.

7 hours term time and 9 hours non term time. 1:1


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