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Below is a list of current clients that require personal assistant(s).


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The second part of the reference is the area where the client lives


162964 / OL1 - Adult female with learning disabilities - lacks motivation preferring to isolate herself - Promote independence, money management accessing local community based activities - 6 hours per week


312502 / OL4 - 10 year old male in OL4 with speech, language, communication difficulties and a hearing impairment.  Verbal with limited communication. Requires support to gain confidence, build relationships and access local leisure activities. 3 Hours per week term time, 6 hours per week non term time. 1:1


CC11016 / OL4 - Elderly female with advanced dementia who can display negative behaviour requires support with personal needs and general day to day living - various hours available which would be agreed between PA's and family who live in the property, may include night sits at the weekend. All support is 2:1 and due to how the package is funded DBS checks and training are required which can be provided for the right applicant


243717 / OL9 - 9 year old Autistic male with communication and sensory needs. To support in the development of social skills, develop long term appropriate and meaningful relationships by accessing community based social activities. 3 hours term and 6 hours non-term 1:1


367861 / OL4 - 6 year old female with ASD with associated social and communication difficulties. She has a hearing impairment and development delay. She has severe eczema and can become frustrated due to itching. Support to promote and develop social interaction through community activities whilst developing open communication, for safety reasons a car driver with own transport is preferred. 5 hours per week 1:1


348551 / OL4 - 7 year old male in OL4 with ASD. Non verbal, however can communicate needs / wishes through guiding.  No danger or stranger awareness and requires close supervision.  Enjoys going for walks and to the park, as well as watching YouTube.  Requires support to access the local community, gain independence and the opportunity to develop his social and communication skills.  Applicant will need to speak Urdu or Punjabi. 3 Hours Per Week Term Time, 6 Hours Per Week Non Term Time, 1:1.


322855 / OL4 - 7 year old female with ASD, speech and language delay and sleep difficulties - Support required for social integration and possible personal care - 3 hours per week term time 6 hours per week non-non term time 1:1


248416 / OL4 - 16 year old male in OL4 with a diagnosis of ADHD and Foetal Alcohol Syndrome. Can experience extreme levels of anger. Can very easily misunderstand and misinterpret situations. Can become volatile, resulting in wanting to harm them self. Can scream and shout, on occasion lash out or damage my belongings when angry.  Must be supervised at all times, no danger awareness.  Requires someone with patience and understanding, to support with independence and accessing activities. Working as part of team with the full package being 14 Hours per week, 1:1


130157 / OL9 - 17 year old female with Autism, sensory difficulties, social communication, visually impaired wearing prescription glasses and motor skills. She enjoys art and has created her own comic base. Support required for social interaction and promotion of independence while providing respite for the family - 4 hours per week 1:1


136826 / OL3 - 16 year old female in OL3 with a diagnosis of developmental delay, epilepsy and hypertonia.  Requires support accessing the community safely, building independence and confidence.  Must have previous experience with epilepsy and confident in providing support in a range of situations. 3 Hours Per Week, 1:1.


183039 / OL9 - 11 year old female in OL9 with Cerebal Palsy effecting all four limbs.  Wheelchair user, requires hoisting for tasks like getting in to bed and the bath.  PA to help keep the client seated safely and comfortably. Support required to assist with morning and bedtime routine ( Domiciliary care) and social activity support in non term time. Moving and Handling desirable. 6 Hours per week social activity support in non term time. 1:1


201615 / OL2 - 12 year old male diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder with related communication and social interaction difficulties. Some Sensory processing issues, expresses himself through vocalisations and simple short sentences, as well as gestures, pointing, facial expressions and behaviour. Displays echolalia (repetition of language).  Enjoys arts and crafts, as well as activities that involve physical work - including outdoor gym, adventure play and cycling.  Support required to help access social events/activities and build independence as well as develop social skills.  2:1, 4 Hours Per Week.


CC 13917 / OL4 Elderly male with plural effusion, Alzheimer's, Osteo Arthritis. Support required to work as part of a team covering for holidays and sickness. Various shifts and times available. Due to funding training and a fully enhanced DBS are required. 1:1


335761 / OL8 - 17 year old female with Cerebral Ataxia which affects her motor skills. Support with accessing community based activities, promote social interaction and appropriate relationships. Some personal care support. 5 hours 2:1


11836 / OL9 - Adult male with physical difficulties. Support required with personal needs, dressing and transfers. Making meals and tidying round. Initially to work Saturday and Sunday 9.00-9.30am, 4.00-5.00pm and 8.00-9.00pm but may also require holiday and sickness cover through the week. up to 24.5 hours per week 1:1


164700 / OL4 - 11 year old male with Social Communication Disorder, poor attention and concentration along with sensory processing difficulties and challenging behaviour, struggles to communicate and social interaction. He has little awareness of safety and requires support at all times out of the home. Support required for social interaction and community based activities 4.5 hours per week 1:1


134978 / OL2 - 16 year old male in OL2, with cerebral palsy and previous stroke.  Good communication and mobile.  Enjoys playing the XBox. Requires support to access the community, gain independence and build on life skills.

3 Hours Per Week Term Time, 6 Hours Per Week Non Term Time. 1:1



191256 / OL3 - 11 year old male in OL3 diagnosed with a genetic condition that has associated medical concerns which are elevated chances of seizures, learning disabilities and neuropsychiatric disorders. He has bilateral dislocated hips in which he uses a wheelchair and requires hoisting. Learning disabilities, personal cares and has no verbal communication, however will demonstrate discontent through vocalisations, crying and body language. Minimal support required when eating.  Requires support to access the community to develop on social skills. Moving and handling desirable. 3 hours per week, 1:1


187274 / OL2 - 9 year old male in OL2 with Autism Spectrum Disorder, some social communication difficulties and sensory needs.  Requires routine. Enjoys topics like Geography, flags of the world, history, graphs / charts as well as watching YouTube and Technology.  Needs constant supervision, no stranger danger and road safety awareness. Requires support to access social activities, develop social communication skills and independence. 4 Hours Per Week, 1:1


196543 / OL8 - 8 year old male, Downs Syndrome, communication difficulties and learning disabilities. Support required with personal care and daily living allowing family respite away from their caring role. Working as part of a small team specific hours to be agreed directly with family but will include evenings and weekends, holiday cover for other PA's would also be expected.


12952 / OL4 - 54 year old Male in OL4.  Anxiety and Epilepsy. Requires support to access community activities / groups and build social interaction. Likes Ballroom Dancing and Going on the Tram. 8 Hours Per Week, 1:1.


164701 / OL4 - 11 year old male with Social Communication Disorder, poor attention and concentration along with sensory processing difficulties which can present as challenging behaviour. Struggles to communicate and social interaction. He has little awareness of safety and requires support at all times out of the home. Support required for social interaction and community based activities 4.5 hours per week 1:1


122977 / OL8 - 17 year old male in OL8 with Complex needs which require support. Significant difficulties around speech and language, presents with behavioural difficulties. Can be anxious if not in routine, structure is important.

Some challenging behaviour and lots of energy, can be impulsive. Not always aware of boundaries, can struggle in social situations. Needs support to access new activities safely.

3 hours per week, 1:1.


CC5715 / OL9 - Adult female with Autism, Global Development Disorder, Epilepsy, Raynaud Syndrome and severe learning disabilities. Support required for morning personal care routine to include moving and handling, feeding via PEG and medication administration, all training will be given. Employment subject to enhanced DBS check. 6 hours per week 1:1 (7 am to 8.10 am five days a week)


52038 / OL8 - adult male with a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy, severe learning disability, ASD, Epilepsy, Asthma, Hay fever and Eczema. Varying and constant support required.  No danger awareness. Support required access the wider community, engage in social and recreational activities. Promote Independence.  2:1, to work as part of a team on the following shifts. 9.30am to 11.30am Sunday and 2 hours one afternoon during the week, possible additional hours available


151420 / OL1  - 13 year old male with diagnosis of ADHD, social communication issues, motion sticks, sensory issues and learning disability. No road awareness and requires constant supervision. Sound sensitive and doesn't like crowds which may cause anxiety. Can struggle to express his needs, very reserved. Can become confused and required time to build up trust.  Requires boundaries at all times.  3 hrs per week - Term Time Only


261598 / OL9 - 9 year old male in OL9 non verbal, No danger awareness. Requires constant supervision. Support required to access the community / activities like trampolining and jungle gym.  Promote independence and build on social skills. 3 Hours Per Week - SATURDAY OR SUNDAY


171673 / OL2 - 15 year old male in OL2 with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) with some communication and social interaction difficulties.  Enjoys walking, watching tv, playing guitar and eating out. No road safety or stranger awareness, requires support in the community to gain independence and build on confidence. 3 Hours Per Week Term Time, 6 Hours Per Week Non Term Time. 1:1



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