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206736/OL4 - 17 year old female in OL4 with ASD, anxiety, low confidence. Can be aggressive / abrupt, vulnerable, poor road safety and no stranger danger awareness. Needs support with gaining independence, confidence and life skills.

4 hours per week, 1:1


164784/ OL4 – 13 year old female in OL4 with ASD with associated learning disabilities, sleep disorder.  Can get frustrated which can lead to hitting myself and banging my head, although doesn’t attack others.  Non verbal, can scream / cry if annoyed, frustrated or in pain. Needs routine.  Various aspects of personal cares, occasional assistance when eating, fully mobile.  No danger awareness, support to keep me safe at all times.

4 Hours Term time, 22 Hours Non Term Time, 1:1.


181923 / OL8 - 18 year old female in OL8. Can get frustrated and distressed at times, can struggle emotionally. Can make own decisions and choices of activities she wants to participate in. Physical difficulties and developmental delay, Cerebral Palsy and all four limbs are affected. Mild asthma. Likes to be independent,

12 hours term time, 20 hours non term time. 1:1


129835 / OL9 - 13 year old male with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Global Developmental Delay. Has general Speech and Language difficulties and wears glasses for his visual impairment. Requires support in the local community, to develop a level of independence and regulate his behaviours in social environments. Support to develop his social skills and see friends outside of school time.

4 hours per week term time, 8 hours per week non term time. 1:1


107270 / OL8 - 18 year old female in OL8, diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy which significantly impacts on her physical abilities. She is wheelchair dependent and needs 1:1 support at all times. Requires support and supervision in all aspects of her care i.e. personal care and recreational activities.

4 hours per week, 1:1


173641 / OL2 - 12 year old male in OL2, diagnosed with sensory processing difficulties and attachment difficulties. Also displays significant behavioural difficulties, which was affecting my learning and maintaining friendship with my peers. Can be aggressive and very impulsive, easily distracted. Finds change difficult so structure is key to try minimise anxiety.  Requires support to access the local community and access activities like swimming, the cinema and pet shops / animal centres.

3 hours a week term time, 4 hours a week non term time. 1:1


140881 / M35 - 20 year old male in M35 with very complex needs in a multitude of areas. Epilepsy, Spina Bifida, Sleep Apnoea, Hypertension, Renal problems and a learning disability. All these conditions have different effects upon the client's daily life. Requires support which could include, assistance to eat and drink, personal care, support to access the community and gain social skills as well as independence away from the home.

6 Hours per week - Mondays and Tuesdays 5pm - 8pm, 1:1


149035 / OL3 - 12 year old male in OL3 diagnosed with a genetic condition and learning disability.  The condition means that he find's speech and communication difficult and can sometimes find it difficult to express himself, people then can find me difficult to understand. Can get frustrated and struggle with social communication. Can struggle to listen, maintain attention and understanding is below age related expectations, this can mean misinterpretation of situations or need information repeating.  Can be clumsy in new environments.

3 hours per week, 1:1.


179249 / OL4 - 12 year old male in OL4 with global developmental delay, marked social communication and interaction difficulties, ASD diagnosis. Some supervision required on stairs, however, can walk independently. Possible personal cares, can get frustrated on occasion.  Requires support accessing activities and social interaction.

2 hours per week, 1:1


123055 / OL9 - 18 year old male in OL9, Autism, learning disabilities, limited verbal communication. severe global developmental delay, struggles in social situations. Doesn’t like busy and noisy environments. No road awareness, stranger danger.

6 hours per week term time, 9 hours per week school holidays. 1:1


4126 / OL2 - 84 year old lady in OL2. Amputee, requires support 2 days a week in the afternoons.

4 hours a week, 1:1


119378 / OL2 - 52 year old female on OL2 with Chronic pain and fatigue, history of migraines, anxiety, sleep disturbance, difficulties with concentration and increased stressed levels with day to day activities.

Requires support 6 hours per week, 10am - 1pm Monday and Wednesday's, NVQ level 3 in Health and Social Care desirable.


321272 / M35 - 48 year old female in M35 with Osteoarthritis which severely affects mobility, a heart condition, Diabetes Type 2, Anxiety, Depression & PTSD. Ongoing support and reassurance required due to anxiety.  Support required to access the community based support.

4 Hours per week, 1:1


184988/OL4 - 13 year old male in OL4 with Autism, currently on medication for ADHD. No spatial awareness, vulnerable due to his lack of road safety and stranger danger. Can just wander if not supervised correctly. 

2 Hours per week Term Time, 4 Hours per week non term time


211720 / OL1 – 52 year old male in OL1 with Epilepsy. Some mobility and memory issues. Client is very sociable. Support is for shopping and appointments and would suit a car driver.

4 hours per week, 1:1 to be agreed direct with client


99363 / OL1 - 17 year old female in OL1, diagnosed with skeletal dysplasia, which can causes problems with growth, the client also has a damaged spine and is  paraplegic, now wheelchair dependant. Mild learning difficulties, can present shy and reserved.  Support required for daily activities, personal cares, building confidence and independence.

13 hours per week, 1:1.


235483 / OL2 - 8 year old male in OL2, with a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and significant learning difficulties. (speech, language and communication difficulties ) Non-verbal, can lash out at times.  Needs routine, can be unpredictable, possible personal cares.  Support to access various activities. Car driver desirable but not essential.

2 hours per week term time ( weekends ) and 8 hours per week non term time - package currently under review. 1:1


313103 / OL1 - 28 year old female in OL1 with a diagnosis of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and hypermobility. Requires support with weekly food shop and maintaining her home. Day's and times to be agreed with the client, flexibility is essential and a car driver preferred.

4 Hours per week, 1:1


351868 / OL9 - 68 year old lady in OL9. Various support required, covering mornings and evenings over a number of days. Personal Cares, assistance with dressing, meal preparation, assistance with stoma care and various other duties.

Support to be discussed with the client and family – Various Day’s ( 10am – 12pm)  / evening’s ( 6-7pm ), 1:1


294246 / OL9 - 12 year old male in OL9 with a diagnosis of autism and associated learning, communication and sensory difficulties. Support required to help build confidence and self-esteem, accessing age appropriate group activities in the community, assistance in making and maintaining friendships independent of his family.

3 hours per week term time, 6 hours per week non term time. 1:1


561754 / Royton Area, Oldham - 25 year old male in Royton, Oldham.  Asperger’s, scoliosis, other physical health issues.  Requires support to access the community, social activities, building confidence and developing independent living skills. Enjoys football, cinema, pub and animals.

20 hours per week, 1:1


156155 / Chadderton, Oldham - 28 year old male in Chadderton, Oldham.  With Autism, history of mental health and ADHD.  Requires support to access the community and engage in new social activities, support to build confidence and motivation.

6-8 hours per week, 1:1


31241 / OL8 - 28 year old female in OL8 with a moderate learning disability. Can get frustrated and overwhelmed. Requires support to access social activities, gain confidence and build relationships.

Package under review, 1:1


72951/OL9 - 20 year old female in OL9 with Global Development Delay, moderate hearing loss in both ears, wears hearing aids, no understanding of dangers outside of the home. No stranger danger, no concept money or its value. Can struggle in loud and crowded environments as these can increase anxiety and frustration. When frustrated can scream, shout and swear, throw things, Bite. Prompting required for personal hygiene.  Requires support to gain independence and build on independent living skills.

8 Hours per week, 1:1


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