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206736/OL4 - 17 year old female in OL4 with ASD, anxiety, low confidence. Can be aggressive / abrupt, vulnerable, poor road safety and no stranger danger awareness. Needs support with gaining independence, confidence and life skills.

4 hours per week, 1:1


164784/ OL4 – 13 year old female in OL4 with ASD with associated learning disabilities, sleep disorder.  Can get frustrated which can lead to hitting myself and banging my head, although doesn’t attack others.  Non verbal, can scream / cry if annoyed, frustrated or in pain. Needs routine.  Various aspects of personal cares, occasional assistance when eating, fully mobile.  No danger awareness, support to keep me safe at all times.

4 Hours Term time, 22 Hours Non Term Time, 1:1.


87756 / OL8 – 36 year old male in OL8 who’s had a severe stroke. Uses a wheelchair at all times, requires assistance for all transfers. Support with all aspects of personal care and daily living. Requires support to enable him to participate in any social/community activities, correspondence and appointments.  Car driver with own car preferable.

10 hours per week. 1:1


67766 / OL9 - 22 year old male in OL9, the client has Chromosome deletion abnormality syndrome with an associated learning difficulty which affects his daily living. Some difficulties with his fine motor skills which impacts on his ability to manage small fastenings on his clothes and writing skills.  Can have a build up of anxiety and this can lead to emotional or aggressive outbursts. Requires support to access the community and gain independence.

9 hours per week, 1:1


192265 / BL9 - 11 year old female in BL9.  Requires support for social opportunity, activities may include but not restricted to Horse riding, swimming and going to the cinema.  Needs Clear instructions and guidance to gain independence and confidence.

7 hours term time, 9 hours non term time. 1:1


163943 / OL4 - 13 year old female in OL4 with dual conditions of autistic spectrum disorder and has a recent diagnosis of 4H (Leukodystrophy) Syndrome, this is a regressive syndrome causing difficulties in mobility so can loose balance and is unsteady on stairs as well as uneven surfaces.  Can be prone to pre-occupation,  needs vigilant adult attention to keep her focused. Interpretation of language is very literal and requires lots of processing time to think in words, so patience is key. Social understanding is low, and tends to have reduced awareness of her environment.  Requires physical assistance for activities on a daily basis, has reduced sensory skills and unusual sensory processing which can make her both agitated or very distracted.

4 hours per week, 1:1


229497 / OL8 - 16 year old male in OL8 with Autism and speech difficulties. Personal cares, assistance to build self care skills, requires firm boundaries.  Support with leisure / social activities away from the home to help gain structure, routine and independence. Can display challenging behaviour, sometimes struggles with communication.  No road safety awareness, so must be kept close at all times, can run off.

3 hours a week term time, 4 hours a week non term time. 1:1


240464 / OL2 - 9 year old male in OL2 with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), which impacts on his communication, social and motor skills. Significant communication and interaction difficulties which impact on all aspects of his learning and development. Can become overwhelmed and anxious if over stimulated and requires support to calm down. Can struggle in noisy and busy environments. Unaware of boundaries, no danger awareness and requires supervision to remain safe. Help required to build confidence and access activities away from the home.

3 hours per week, 1:1


303771 / OL9 - 16 year old female in OL9 with Autism, Epilepsy ( Controlled ), Sensory difficulties, 17q12 Micro Duplication Syndrome -  chromosomal condition,  Generalised Anxiety and Emotional Dysregulation Disorder, Bipolar and borderline personality disorder. Can sometimes feel sad and unable to manage emotions. Requires someone who they can trust and keep them safe in the community.  Little awareness of danger, requires close supervision. Requires support away from the home in the community to engage in various activities of interest.

3 hours per week, 1:1


181923 / OL8 - 18 year old female in OL8. Can get frustrated and distressed at times, can struggle emotionally. Can make own decisions and choices of activities she wants to participate in. Physical difficulties and developmental delay, Cerebral Palsy and all four limbs are affected. Mild asthma. Likes to be independent,

12 hours term time, 20 hours non term time. 1:1


122977 / OL8 - 15 year old male in OL8 with Complex needs which require support. Significant difficulties around speech and language, presents with behavioural difficulties. Can be anxious if not in routine, structure is important. Some challenging behaviour and lots of energy, can be impulsive. Not always aware of boundaries, can struggle in social situations. Needs support to access new activities safely.

3 hours per week, 1:1.


96638 / OL2 - 17 year old Asian female with complex needs and limited mobility. Working as part of a team to provide personal care routines to include, toileting, washing, showering dressing, eating as well as supporting the client to appointments and activities.

12 hours per week, includes mornings / afternoons and weekends, 1:1


140881 / M35 - 20 year old male in M35 with very complex needs in a multitude of areas. Epilepsy, Spina Bifida, Sleep Apnoea, Hypertension, Renal problems and a learning disability. All these conditions have different effects upon the client's daily life. Requires support which could include, assistance to eat and drink, personal care, support to access the community and gain social skills as well as independence away from the home.

6 Hours per week - Mondays and Tuesdays 5pm - 8pm, 1:1


123055/OL9 - 18 year old male in OL9, Autism, learning disabilities, limited verbal communication. severe global developmental delay, struggles in social situations. Doesn’t like busy and noisy environments. No road awareness, stranger danger.

6 hours per week term time, 9 hours per week school holidays. 1:1


211720 / OL1 – adult male with Epilepsy. Some mobility and memory issues. Client is very sociable. Support is for shopping and appointments and would suit a car driver

4hours per week to be agreed directly with client

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