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107512 / OL9 

Elderly female with dementia and various health issues making her vulnerable. Requires regular contact / support with people she knows and trusts. To work as part of a team to promote social inclusion and independence. A total of 11 hours per week are required for this client with possible coverage for other PA with flexibility required. All support is 1:1


136826 / OL3 

16 year old female in OL3 with a diagnosis of developmental delay, epilepsy and hypertonia.  Requires support accessing the community safely, building independence and confidence.  Must have previous experience with epilepsy and confident in providing support in a range of situations. 3 Hours Per Week, 1:1.


140912 / OL1 

16 year old female in OL1 with diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Hypermobility and associated social, language and communication difficulties.  Requires support to build confidence, access social activities and gain independence. 3 hours per week, 1:1.


179922 / OL2 

14 year old male in OL2 with a diagnosis of autism and delayed development.  Fully mobile. Requires support to access the local community and take part in activities. Car driver desirable.  3 hours per week, 2:1.


194657 / OL1 

15 year old male in OL1 with a diagnosis of ADHD, sensory processing disorder and a learning disability.  Likes routine, requires support to access the local community to build independence and access activities.  2 hours per week, 1:1


195473 / M35

21 year old male in M35 with a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder and a learning disability. Some communication / social interaction difficulties without support, restricted interests and repetitive behaviours.  Limited danger awareness. Enjoys the gym, going to the cinema, playing pool and snooker.  Has a good sense of humour and can be sociable with familiar people. up to 5 hours per week, 1:1


196925 / OL2 

Adult elderly female with anxiety and memory issues. To support with general daily living, shopping and appointments. To co-work the package with a second PA covering for each other during sickness and holidays  - up to 5 hours per week 1:1 plus cover as required



9 Year old male with a rare genetic condition which has affected his global development. Can have generalised seizures, Epilepsy, sleep issues and decreased muscle tone effecting gross and fine motor coordination and mobility. Some personal cares.  Non - Verbal which often means he has meltdowns and struggles to regulate emotions. Requires PA to support with accessing activities within the local community.   3 Hours a week term time and 6 Hours a week non term time. 2:1


214703 / M35 

14 year old male in M35, with a diagnoses of ASD which impacts on his social, communication, image awareness and confidence. Becomes very anxious in various situations, so patience is key.  Support required to gain confidence in the community and learn independence skills. 3 hours per week, 1:1


220920 / OL2

9 year old male in OL2 with a diagnosis of Severe Global Developmental Delay, non verbal with Epilepsy. Has quadriparesis and requires a wheelchair for mobilising. Dependent on others for all his care needs. Fed via a gastrostomy tube. Full training to meet specific needs will be offered to the successful applicant along with an enhanced DBS.  Various days/times available up to 16 hours per weeks - all support is 1:1


226642 / OL8

7 year old female in OL8 with Autism and associated learning and behavioural difficulties. Very active enjoys been outdoors including visiting the park, swimming,  ipad, listening to music and general sensory stimulation. Limited verbal communication, can occasionally display challenging behaviours.  Support required to access the community and social activities. Some personal cares - female applicants only. 3 Hours Per Week, 1:1


228317 / OL4 

7 year old male in OL4, with an acquired brain injury, experiences a range of visual difficulties including incomplete visual pathways and visual processing skills, as well as Global Developmental Delay. Difficulties in social development, language and communication skills, and early learning and play skills. Requires specific teaching of concepts and skills, incorporating repetition. Very active and requires supervision at all times, no stranger danger or danger awareness. Requires structure & patience. Support required 18 hours per week over 3 days, 9-3 pm during school holidays to access holiday club.


248416 / OL4 

17 year old male in OL4 with ADHD, Neurodevelopmental disorder and sensory processing disorder.  Although he has a great personality, he can easily misinterpret and misunderstand situations at times which can affect his mood. This can on occasion result in unpredictable changes in his behaviour. He requires an active person for supervised outings.  He enjoys sports, cycling, cinema and eating out.  You will need to be a positive role model and a good communicator who can set realistic and set boundaries with him.  You will be sharing this role with another PA, total package is 14 hours per week 1:1


304910 / OL1

 6 year old male in OL1 with ADHD and can present with challenging behaviours.  Support required to access activities in the community and develop social skills. 4 Hours Per Week, Tuesday and Thursday 4.30pm till 6.30pm. 1:1   


This is to cover maternity leave


308417 / OL8 

7 year old male with developmental and emotional needs. Can become distressed and Upset without a Trigger. Requires regular physical stimulation, interaction, guidance and continuous adult intervention daily. Support to build on social skills & access the community. Some personal care may be required. Driver preferred but not essential. 3 hours per week term time, 6 hours per week non term time. 1:1


308419 / OL8 

7 year old male in OL8 with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, Social Communication Difficulties and Global Developmental Delay. Non verbal, requires constant supervision. Requires support to access activities in the community such as Swimming, Climbing in Soft Play and Trampolining. Some personal care may be required. Driver preferred but not essential. 3 Hours per week term time & 6 hours per week non term time, 1:1.


319833 / OL4 

7 year old female with Phelan-McDermid Syndrome (PMS), development delay, ASD and sensory difficulties. Support to promote social skill development and inclusion and promote positive behaviour. 3 hours term 6 hours non-term 1:1


332670 / OL4

7 year old female with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy and global development delay.  Requires support with personal care, general hygiene and feeding routines. Limited verbal communication, consistent routine essential. Constant supervision needed, likes to be on the go. Uses wheelchair outdoors.  Support to engage in local community based activities. 3 Hours Per Week, 1:1.


333226 / OL1 

11 year old male in OL1, with a diagnoses of Autistic Spectrum Disorder with language and communication difficulties.  Communication maybe using pictures, cues or visual prompts.  No danger awareness.  Doesn't like noise and requires supervision at all times. Possible personal cares.  Support required to access appropriate activities, build independence and social skills. 3 hours per week term time, 6 hours per week non term time. 1:1


333231 / OL1 

12 year old male with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, which includes language and some communication impairments. Possibility of personal cares.  Needs routine, doesn't like noisy environments. Limited understanding, no danger awareness.  Must be closely supervised at all times.  Support required to access activities, build on social and behavioural skills.  Develop new skills and confidence. 3 hours per week term time, 6 hours per week non term time. 1:1


348551 / OL4

8 year old male in OL4 with ASD. Non verbal, can communicate needs / wishes through guiding.  No danger or stranger awareness and requires close supervision.  Enjoys going for walks and to the park, as well as watching YouTube.  Requires support to access the local community, gain independence and the opportunity to develop his social and communication skills.  Applicant will need to speak Urdu or Punjabi. 3 Hours Per Week Term Time, 6 Hours Per Week Non Term Time, 1:1.


365143 / OL9

5 year old female in OL9 with Autism Spectrum disorder(ASD) and ADHD. Significant sensory needs. Non verbal.  Support required to help improve communication skills, build confidence, Interact with others, identifying dangers both in the community and at home. 3 hours per week term time, 6 hours per week non term time. 1:1


365992 / OL2 

6 year old male in OL2 with a diagnosis of autism, speech and language delay, communication delay and sensory difficulties.  Likes routine.  Requires support to build on social skills and relationships especially with peers, appropriate communication as well as accessing the local community. 3 hours per week, 1:1


430402 / OL9  5 year old male in OL9 with ASD, difficulties with social communication and interaction skills.  Likes nursery rhymes, going for walks. Support required to access local activities, promote independence and build on social skills. 3 Hours per week, 1:1
95938 / OL4 Adult female with MND which affects all aspects of her daily living. Female worker required due to personal care, FULL TRAINING WILL BE GIVEN. Employment is subject to enhanced DBS check. PA to support with independent living. Client has animals in the property in addition to 2 horses and would like to attend equestrian events, drover preferred. Various shifts days/nights available 1:1
98361 / OL8

Adult female with Bi-polar and depression - support required to promote community activities, domestic abilities  and social interactions. You will also need to support with appointments. Need to speak Urdu/Punjabi as the client speaks very little English - car driver desirable, must be available 9am - 12noon on a Tuesday every 2 weeks. 5 hours per week 1:1


CC 4073 / SK4 

44 year old female in SK4 diagnosed with PDA (pathological demand avoidance), Learning disability and Diabetes. Also shows traits of PICA.  Can be loud and have some challenging behaviours. Enjoys socialising, going to bingo, cinema, social media, Tik-Tok, classic TV and old soaps, as well as spending time alone.  Possible personal care.  Requires someone who is laid back but can support clear and fair instruction. Main aspect of the role is to support with Diabetes management and the delivery of insulin, as part of a team on a rolling rota. Total package of 70 hours a week across 7 days, The right person will be given full training and require an enhanced DBS check.


CC5715 / OL9

Adult female with Autism, Global Development Disorder, Epilepsy, Raynaud Syndrome and severe learning disabilities. Support required for morning personal care routine to include moving and handling, feeding via PEG and medication administration, all training will be given. Employment subject to enhanced DBS check. 6 hours per week 1:1 (7 am to 8.10 am five days a week)




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