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Fund Managing


We can, if required, accept the money on your behalf from the local / health authority and any other funding source.


We will always open a bank account for use exclusively for managing your individual support as defined in your care and support plan.


On your behalf, we will pay for all services and personal assistants as agreed in your support plan and report back both to you the individual and local authority on how the money has been spent.


We can also advise you and negotiate on your behalf with local providers to discuss alternative options to maximise the services you pay for.



Support Planning


We can help create your individual budget support plan.


We would always meet you, your family and representatives, including support workers, PA’s and social workers where possible.


The questions we ask at this initial meeting are as follows –


·         What and who is important to you?

·         What do you want your life to be like?

·         What support do you need?

·         How will you spend your budget?

·         How will you manage your budget?

·         How can we help to make your plan happen?

·         How will we know if the plan isn’t working and what can we all do to correct this?


Once we have worked through our template we would write the plan and submit a draft to the family and get their agreement or adjust it and redraft if needed.


We would calculate the costs to make the plan workable and submit to the local / health authority for final approval and then agree on an appropriate review date.





We can assist with all elements of payroll and this can be tailored to meet exactly how you or the PA would like.


·         We will register you with Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and provide all returns to them through Real Time

            Information (RTI)

·         Make payments via bank transfer – no additional fee

·         Provide electronic timesheets for your PA's to complete

·         Provide pay slips, P60’s and P45’s for all PA's - no additional fee

·         Ensure hours claimed are in line with the support plan.

·         Assist with all legal matters effecting your plan.

·         Provide recruitment, employment and payroll advice and support.

·         Assist with recruitment of PA's.

·         Provide a contract of employment for all PA's.

·         Set up and process your work-based pension to all qualifying staff



In addition, we also offer support with : - Recruitment, Appointeeship, Assessment and Review


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