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Below is a list of current clients that require personal assistant(s).


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153881/ OL1 - 13 year old male in OL1 with ADD, sleep disorder, anxiety and stress, presenting difficult behaviour. Need’s routine, can be aggressive. No road sense, vulnerable. 6 hours per week


123055/OL9 - 17 year old male in OL9, Autism, learning disabilities, limited verbal communication. severe global developmental delay, struggles in social situations. Doesn’t like busy and noisy environments. No road awareness, stranger danger. 1:1 support needed, 6 hours term time, 9 hours school holidays.


184988/OL4 - 13 year old male in OL4 with Autism, currently on medication for ADHD. No spatial awareness, vulnerable due to his lack of road safety and stranger danger. Can just wander if not supervised correctly. 2 Hours per week Term Time, 4 Hours per week non term time.


168905/OL8 - 16 year old male with Non verbal communication, communication through behaviour. Possible Autism, Social communication disorder, learning difficulties, can be aggressive, no awareness of toileting needs. 3 Hours per week 2:1


160207/OL9 - 13 year old male in OL9. Moderate learning difficulties, dysmorphic facial features including prominent ears, which is a characteristic of his rare genetic condition. Significant speech and language delay. Speech can be hard to understand and you would need to spend time with him to learn to understand what he is saying. Can be verbally aggressive, 5 hours per week term time, 10 hours per week Non term time.


155196/OL8 - 19 year old male in OL8 with ASD, Depression and sport related Asthma. can struggle in social settings. Finds it difficult to communicate that he is getting agitated or and angry, this can lead to violent out bursts. Presents as very capable but can struggle in areas you would presume he would be comfortable. Help to promote independence, access community and leisure activities. 6 hours per week


134401/OL9 - 15 year old male in OL9 with severe visual deficiency, registered as blind, general development delay. Sociable and chatty, however is very isolated and has no friends, spends long periods of time alone. 6 hours a week term time, 10 hours per week non term time.


269664/OL9 - 16 year old male in OL9 with ASD and experiences delayed speech, language and communication skills. Poor verbal skills. 4 hours per week term, 8 hours per week non term.


122173/OL9 - 16 year old male with Autism, type 1 diabetic, insulin dependent. Eats Gluten free diet, No awareness of danger, Weekend support needed. Wishes to access community activities independently from his parents. 5 hours per week, 1:1


188725/M35 - 10 year old male in M35 with Challenging Behaviour, No environmental danger awareness, requires help with gaining independence, socialising and to enjoy new sensory experiences. 3 hours per week term time and 4 hours per week non term time.


321146/OL8 - 11 year old female in OL8 with Autism, social & communication difficulties. Displays ODD behaviours, severe anxiety and can get stressed easily. Severe eczema, severe behaviour issues, problems with sleep increases behavioural issues when tired. Does not like crowds or noisy atmospheres. 4 hours per week term time, 8 hours per week non term time.


161098/OL4 - 12 year old male in OL4 with degenerative muscle wasting condition, Mobility becomes impaired over time, dependent on a wheelchair for mobility. He has both an electric and manual wheelchair. He uses an electric wheelchair in school and a manual at home. Personal cares.
Weekend ( Social activities ) 2:1, 4 hours per week,
Week days 1 hour x 5 days 1:1 personal cares – AM


164383/OL9 - 10 year old male in OL9 with Global developmental delay reliant on carers for positioning, feeding, cleaning and comforting. Epilepsy, Visual impairment. Non Verbal, Full personal care, incontinence. 4 hours per week term time, 12 hours per week non term time.


120386/OL4 - 16 year old male in OL4 with Moderate learning disability, no danger awareness. No stranger danger, has previously wandered off, very impressionable and vulnerable. Needs reminding to eat, needs support gaining confidence / independence. 4 Hours per week


118247/OL9 - 15 year old male with Non Verbal communication, communicates some of his needs through physical characteristics/gestures. Incontinent and requires constant 1:1 support when awake, has sporadic sleep issues. Needs to develop communication skill set, independence and social perception. 4 hours per week term time, 8 hours per week non term time.


120593/OL8 - 15 year old male with diagnoses of ASD, can be violent. Complex none verbal can express wants and needs, Will bite objects. 6 hours per week term time, 10 hours per week non term time.


164443/OL9 - 12 year old male in OL9 with Autism, No risk Awareness, needs social support, can get anxious / angry. 3 hours per week term time, 4 hours per week non term time.


134865/OL9 - 12 year old male in OL9 with anxiety and possible epilepsy,
Needs social support to access community groups. 2 Hours per week


136935/OL2 - 16 year old male in OL2 with Autism, some associated Learning Difficulties. Can tolerate busy places in moderation, support will encourage the client to take some responsibility for himself / his belongings, build on his already developing social skills, and prepare for adulthood. 3 Hours per week term time, 6 hours per week non term time


96638 / OL2 - 17 year old Asian female with complex needs and limited mobility. Working as part of a team to provide personal care routines across 7 days to include, toileting, washing, showering dressing and eating. House is adapted with ground floor wet-room



If you would like to register your details on our PA database please can you forward your up to date CV, which shows all your care experience and training, to our client service team at



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